United Nations Creates Climate Refugees

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has created a new class of refugees; “climate refugees” who, they have decreed, cannot be returned to their nation of origin.

On January 24th, UNHCR, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that it welcomed a ruling by the UN Human Rights Committee in a case where New Zealand denied access to their country of a “refugee” because he was not at imminent risk. The UN Human Rights Committee ruled that people who flee the effects of climate change and natural disasters should not be returned to their country.

A future ruling will surely demand that the United States open the gates to any and all claiming to be “climate refugees” who arrive at our border.  And, if America was to do that, who arriving at our southern border would not claim to be a climate refugee?

And, if the “climate change” is truly a global phenomenon then how does one escape it by moving from one country to another?

Anthropomorphic Global Warming, (AGW) has recently been renamed “man-made climate change.”   The evidence of man-made climate change is sketchy.  Opinions are not scientific evidence, and if there is proof of it, then why so many lies, from the “hockey stick” to the University of East Anglia?

Now, honest, peer reviewed scientific studies need to be conducted/continued because who knows what we might find?  We might discover something else that we need to do to protect our environment.  But the inevitable turning of our economies upside down by something that is not proven indicates a political motive, like weakening Western societies’ economies.

Population growth certainly has an effect on the Earth, on the environment.  In the post World War 2 years the United States population has doubled from 152 million in 1950 to 330 million currently.  During that same time the world’s population has more than tripled from 2.5 billion to 7.8 billion people.

Many feel sympathy for the billions of people in the world who live in misery, for many reasons.  The way to best assist those people is to help them in their home countries, not invite the billions who would surely come once the word got out that any and all would be accepted…just by claiming to be a climate refugee.  And, it isn’t far fetched to predict that America’s enemies would be among the many encouraging and counseling the “climate refugees.”

As for the U.N., they can move the whole operation to Brussels or Geneva or Timbuktu and take their refugee diktats with them.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.— Winston Churchill

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