That Other Supremacy

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested two illegal aliens in Northern California on Tuesday, February 17th at the Sonoma County Superior Courthouse in Santa Rosa.  The response from local open borders advocates was predictable as the entire state of California has been declared, by state law, a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Elected officials from Sonoma County and the Bay Area condemned the arrests.

In response to the complaints of the anti-enforcement crowd, ICE stated that California law does not supersede federal law. 

And, that’s because of the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Lesson for open borders advocates elected to the public payroll:

Article Six – Clause two provides that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority constitute the supreme law of the land. It provides that state courts are bound by the supreme law; in case of conflict between federal and state law, the federal law must be applied. Even state constitutions are subordinate to federal law. (emphasis added)

ICE condemned California’s sanctuary policies and vowed to continue arresting aliens who are in the country illegally.

David Jennings, Director of ICE’s  San Francisco field office, said that sanctuary policies, “…shield criminal aliens who prey on people in their own and other communities.” He also confirmed, “Our officers will not have their hands tied by sanctuary rules when enforcing immigration laws to remove criminal aliens from our communities.”

NorCal Resist’s “Migra Watch” which is designed to alert illegal aliens to enforcement efforts obviously failed.  But, expect them to get more involved as more arrests occur.

One of the most ironic statements was made by Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s new District Attorney, “ICE actions at courthouses undermine our ability to hold defendants accountable by deterring undocumented victims and witnesses from cooperating with the justice system. These actions make all of us less safe…I am committed to protecting all members of our community and to preserve the very fabric of who we are as San Franciscans.”

Like Kate Steinle’s killer?

Boudin is a socialist ideologue, was reportedly supported by George Soros and is despised by the San Francisco Police Department.

Many have been waiting for years for the feds to use their constitutional powers to enforce our immigration laws, especially in so-called sanctuary cities. 

To all you “resisters” remember:

If there is a conflict between state and federal law, state laws and state courts are bound by the supreme law of the land, The U.S. Constitution.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.— Winston Churchill

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