Nativity Scene Desecration

With the Christmas Season in full bloom we are enjoying the holiday mood, the decorations; Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Santa’s sleigh, and the Nativity Scene of Joseph, Mary and the newly born Baby Jesus, the original reason for the celebration.  Many enjoy the holiday with attention to faith and family.  Christmas is a Christian holiday, it is an American national holiday, it is also a most important holiday in Western Culture, for Western Civilization is predominantly Christian.

It is also the time of year where the most iconic Christmas scene, The Nativity, is desecrated and lied about by many people, and for many reasons.  One example of disrespect and ignorance this year has been reported in Southern California where the Claremont United Methodist Church has Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus in separate cages with barbed wire.  This defilement is designed to virtue signal disagreement with federal immigration law enforcement and attempt to blame the Trump Administration for putting children in cages, even though the previous Obama Administration did the same thing, to a greater number of people. 

In 2006, during the Bush Administration, I personally saw Border Patrol holding areas in Laredo, TX for families with children that had been apprehended by the Border Patrol and were waiting adjudication.  It goes without saying, to some, that the people responsible for holding men, women, children and families in detention for crossing our border illegally are the parents and other adults who brought the children with them.

This isn’t the first time the Nativity has been misrepresented.

The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson was the first to turn Joseph and Mary into a “homeless couple” when he claimed that Christmas “…is not about Santa Claus and ‘Jingle Bells’ and fruit cake and eggnog,” of which all Christians would agree, but about “a homeless couple.”  He repeated that claim at the 1992 Democratic Convention.

A columnist fora national publication used the celebration of the birth of Christ to criticize the Christian right for opposing welfare programs incorrectly claiming that, “…Jesus Christ was born homeless to a teen who was pregnant before she was married.”

Hillary Clinton, while being critical of then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s homeless policies, claimed that “Christmas celebrates the birth of a homeless child.”

When the illegal alien caravans were in the news, the description changed from “homeless” to “refugees and migrants.” 

“An ABC News analyst made the often-told but clearly-debunked claim that Joseph and Mary were ‘two immigrants’ in Bethlehem when Jesus Christ was born.”

The fact is that Joseph and Mary were not migrants, not refugees and were not homeless. An order from the Roman government required Joseph and Mary to spend their money and time to return to their place of birth to register for a tax.  Joseph and Mary were following the law.  They ended up in a stable that night in Bethlehem because there was no room at the Inn.

Now, all of this makes no difference to those who dispute our immigration laws, who want to throw our borders wide open to any and all and will lie about anything to support their goal.  It also is ignored by those who do not appreciate the benefits, the prosperity and freedom that so many take for granted in Western Civilization.

In Judge Robert Bork’s great work Slouching Towards Gomorrah he laments the loss of religion in the West.  He uses the term, “radical individualism:” def. Radical individualism places the rights of the individual over those of society, rather than considering the good to society over the rights of the individual. People in this state of mind tend to neglect their responsibilities as a citizen often adapting the “what’s in it for me?” attitude.

Radical individualists believe that anybody can do anything they want at any time.  They don’t like rules or laws or anything governing their behavior.

The great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once recounted a discussion with a friend who didn’t want to go to church with him because, “There’ss nothing there but a bunch of hypocrites.”  Zig responded that that was Ok. They had room for one more.  But then he added that he didn’t think that it was hypocrites that was keeping his friend from going to church.  Zig told him, “I know, you noticed that God didn’t call them the ‘Ten Suggestions.’ “

No border, no nation – No law no civilization.

Most of Western law has come from  Christianity.

The American Nativity Scene is dedicated to the display of Nativity Scenes in every state capitol throughout the United States during the Christmas season with a message over the past 7 years that remains simple but powerful – of keeping Christ at the center of the Christmas Season.

They also have included this message:

“But while this purely religious significance is undeniably true, it bears repeating that the manger scene and the figures of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus — together with the angel, the poor shepherds and their animals and, later, the three Kings bearing their magnificent gifts — convey a host of other meanings, which have a secular significance and as well as a religious one. “

Western Civilization has done more than any to free mankind from hunger, poverty, disease and tyranny. Western Civilization has given the world the university, modern science, free market economics, the rule of law, human rights, art, music and individual freedom.  And, how the West accomplished all this is the subject of a great historical book,  “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Woods.

Whenever see the Nativity Scene, in addition to the birth of Jesus, I think of the birth of Western Civilization.  And, I am eternally grateful that I won life’s lottery and was born in the West, in America.

Merry Christmas!

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