Migrant Protection Protocols Work

The policy that removed non-Mexican asylum seekers while their cases were being adjudicated has yielded some surprising numbers…surprising to those who don’t understand what is going on at the border. 

“Remain in Mexico”, is officially known by the DHS as Migrant Protection Protocols and  the Miami Herald reports that  only 11 of 47,000+ were granted asylum.

“Data show that, as of September, of the more than 47,000 people in the program, fewer than 10,000 had completed their cases. Of that group, 5,085 cases were denied while 4,471 cases were dismissed without a decision being made – mostly on procedural grounds…Only 11 cases – or 0.1% of all completed cases – resulted in asylum being granted”

That’s 0.1% of completed cases.  It’s 0.023%, or about 1/50th of 1% of the 47,000+ who were claiming asylum.

In January 2019 Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen  announced,   “We have implemented an unprecedented action that will address the urgent humanitarian and security crisis at the Southern border. This humanitarian approach will help to end the exploitation of our generous immigration laws. The Migrant Protection Protocols represent a methodical commonsense approach, exercising long-standing statutory authority to help address the crisis at our Southern border.”

Smuggling cartels have various sales pitches the use to convince people to pay them to be smuggled across the U.S. border.  One of them tells the migrants that they can declare they are seeking asylum and will be admitted to the U.S. and then given a “Notice to Appear” in immigration Court months, or even years, later.  And they can just drop out of sight, use a different name, move to a Sanctuary City or State, and they are in.  Fewer than 10% of those ordered to appear actually do show up in court, hence the Border Patrol’s nickname for the order, they call it “A Run Letter.”

Many of us were happy to see “Migrant Protection Protocols” enacted.  It had the effect of reducing the number of people coming and planning to lie to get into our country.  It also protected a lot of innocent people who probably thought twice about paying for, and making, the long perilous journey.  Hopefully it also reduced the number of children who were rented out to the cartels to create “families.”  Young girls especially were at risk, and some parents gave their adolescent daughters  “morning after pills” knowing they would be raped, possibly more than once, during the journey.

The news of the rejection of almost all of the asylum seekers now sends 47,000+ emissaries  back to their nation of origin to tell their stories of failure to get into the U.S. to friends and family.  Hopefully this will deter hundreds of thousands, if not millions, from planning to make the trip.

The border and the law made this success possible.

No Border No Nation – No Law, No Civilization.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. — Winston Churchill

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