Kate Steinle’s Killer Gets Away with Everything

Jose Inez García Zárate, the illegal alien from Mexico who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015 has been ordered to have a “competency hearing” for 45 days, before he can be tried for being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

That would be the firearm that he fired and killed Kate Steinle with on Pier 14, along The Embarcadero, on July 1st, 2015.

In 2017 García Zárate was found not guilty of the first-degree murder of Steinle, a ludicrous charge brought by the infamous San Francisco District Attorney’s office.  It was predicted then that the charging of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate with first-degree murder was designed to get him acquitted.  He didn’t murder her. He did kill her.  It was obviously an accidental shooting.  But she was killed by him.  Never-the-less, Not Guilty.

José Inez García Zárate has been deported from the U.S. a total of five times.  An illegal reentry after a deportation is a felony.  In an interview, which the jury was not officially allowed to see, the repeat felon who had been deported 5 times, admitted that he was in San Francisco because it is a Sanctuary City.

He was on probation in Texas at the time he killed Steinle.  He had seven felony convictions.  He illegally entered the U.S. before 1991, within 5 years of the 1986 IRCA Amnesty, and was convicted in ’91 on a drug charge in Arizona.  In 1993 he was convicted three time in Washington state for heroin possession and manufacturing narcotics.

García Zárate was in the San Francisco County Jail on March 26, 2015, to face a 20-year-old felony charge of selling drugs.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), had issued a detainer for García Zárate requesting that he be held in custody until immigration officers could pick him up. However, San(ctuary) Francisco disregarded the ICE detainer and released him from the San Francisco County Jail on April 15, 2015.  Two and a half months later, he shot and killed Kate Steinle.

This latest sham of a competency hearing is obviously designed to get García Zárate excused from the gun possession charge as being mentally unfit.

The ones who are really mentally unfit are those who think Sanctuary Cities are a good thing, and that an illegal alien felon should be protected from our county’s immigration law enforcement officers.

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