Covid-19 and Sanctuary Cities

By Rick Oltman      As of Monday, March 30th almost 60% of Coronavirus deaths were located in only 19 of the 3,007 counties in the U.S. 

RedState listed the top 5 counties.

New York City: 790 Deaths

King County, Washington: 146 Deaths

Orleans Parrish, Louisiana: 86 Deaths

Wayne County, Michigan: 56 Deaths

Suffolk County, New York: 40 Deaths

Out of curiosity I looked to see if any these were Sanctuary Cities/Counties, just with the thought that they would have a higher percentage of foreigners, illegal aliens, who sneaked into our country.

New York City is, of course, a Sanctuary City that has been called “Ground Zero” in the U.S. for the Coronavirus.

King County, Washington is a Sanctuary County that includes Seattle, which is also a Sanctuary City.

Orleans Parrish, Louisiana is the City/Parrish of New Orleans, a Sanctuary City.

Wayne County, Michigan is the greater Detroit area, a Sanctuary County

Suffolk County, New York is on the East end of Long Island that was a Sanctuary County but ended that practice in December of 2016.  It is right next door to Nassau County, which is a Sanctuary and across the Long Island Sound from Connecticut and Rhode Island which are both Sanctuary States.  New Haven, CT is also a Sanctuary City.  Ferry service connects them all.

To check your location you can first go to the Infection2020 website and see the U.S. Covid-19  Tracker.  Pick your location and zoom in and find your county.

To check to see if there are any illegal alien Sanctuary Cities near you, go to the C.I.S. Sanctuary City map. 

Both maps are updated regularly, the Covid-19 map  every few minutes or so.

When we get past this crisis, and we will, we can then compare locations and incidence of infection and add that to the debate about secure borders, safe communities and lawless Sanctuary Cities.

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